Music Industry Scholarships for Teenage Musicians

Music Industry Scholarships for Teenage Musicians


What is LEAP?

LEAP is an incredible gap year scholarship programme for young creative musicians.

This custom built programme will give you the tools and the connections to LEAP into your dream career as a young creative.

LEAP is run by ‘The Goodtime Foundation’, which is the charitable arm of Goodtime Music Academy.

Who will scholarships go to?

We have 8-12 scholarships for musicians aged 16-21.

You don’t need to be a student from Goodtime Music Academy, nor do you need to be an

advanced musician to apply.

We are looking for people who:

Have a great attitude

Are humble

Are prepared work hard and learn lots

Love being creative

Enjoy working with young people

Love music and want to improve on their instrument and perform.

Module Breakdown


Music & Performance


Video & Media


Youth Development


Business & Marketing


Event Management & Production


Teaching & Education


Workspace Skills & Training


Leadership Development

Got Questions?

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The amount of opportunities I have been given through being an intern at goodtime have been super beneficial to me growing myself as a musician, as an employee, and most importantly as a person! If learning in a super fun, practical, and communal environment is something you’re interested in, I could not recommend goodtime enough!!
— Alex Scott-Billing
Working as a tutor for the Goodtime Foundation has been epic! I’m really glad I get to be involved in such a cool programme that has helped not only my guitar ability, but has improved my leadership skills, confidence and public speaking. I constantly look forward to being at Goodtime every week.
— Tara Canton

Goodtime Music has been like a second home to me. I have learned so many great life skills and am really glad I took that first music bus lesson. Goodtime makes music accessible to everyone so no matter who you are, Goodtime is the place to be
— Jackson Kidd
Goodtime has been a once in a lifetime oppurtunity for me. Not only growing as a musician but socially with other Goodtime Staff and learning from the range of experiences that goodtime has created for me. Teaching for Goodtime is great fun, helping youth learning every step of the way!
— Patrick Maslen